Dolphin Feeding Frenzy!

Set up for a day at Indian Rocks Beach

Set up for a day at Indian Rocks Beach

IMG_2709When my kids were little, some of the neighborhood moms and I would get together and take our kids to the beach the week before school began. I must be missing the tradition, because I went out on the kayak again last week. This time my friend Kay and I went in search of dolphin. Wow! We managed to paddle right into the middle of a feeding frenzy! There must have been about 20 dolphins just off Indian Rocks Beach. All I have is this wimpy shot of a dorsal fin to prove it. I was safely back on shore when it occurred to me that dolphin aren’t the only sea creatures with dorsal fins!


One response to “Dolphin Feeding Frenzy!

  1. I’m jealous! I love seeing dolphins in the wild.

    I’m pretty sure shark fins are shaped like right angles and the dolphin ones are curved. I think you’re safe.

    Remember when we went kayaking in NC and there were sharks in the water? Yikes!

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