Perfect Circle Yoga

A friend suggested I attend a Bikrim Yoga class with her (otherwise known as hot yoga). She warned that I might find it challenging to stay in the room for the whole class, but  if I stayed, I would have  reached my first goal. Since I had done yoga, I was sure I’d be fine. Well  . . . I was unprepared for how hot the room was @105 degrees! I stayed in the room for the whole class and was able to do most of the postures, and dripping with sweat 90 minutes later, I felt a great sense of accomplishment for having done so! I was impressed by how much more I was able to stretch during some of the postures. But, at the time, I didn’t think it was likely that I’d be making Bikram Yoga a regular part of my exercise program mostly because Chris Rose’s studio was too far from my house. As it turns out, a couple of months later, he moved to the beach, which is very convenient for me. I’ve tried to make it at least once a week since he has been in the 595-B Corey Ave., St. Pete Beach location. It is still the best workout I’ve ever  had that can be done within the space of a beach towel! And about the heat — yeah, well, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that! So if you don’t think yoga is a good heart-pumping exercise, try Bikram Yoga at Perfect Circle Yoga and Fitness (btw, it is named after the Yogi who invented it.).


2 responses to “Perfect Circle Yoga

  1. Thanks for the blog Kyle! I really like it! And I’m happy to see you’ve got your daughters sweating too!

  2. Martha Castro

    I love the HOT yoga. I just moved to Gulfport from the Dunedin area. I have searched high and low for a HOT yoga, but I was about to give up. In my quest I went to yoga on 10th street and Central. The owner suggested that I try Perfect Circle. I love it.

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